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Someone at HP must not have gotten the official notice yesterday that the company is discontinuing all webOS devices, because the 64GB HP TouchPad, of the white variety, has shown up on HP USA's website with a pricetag of $599 (maybe they're just teasing us). While we won't necessarily recommend that everyone go buy one now (since we have no idea what the future holds for active webOS Accounts), those of you that really, truly want one can order it with an expectation to have it delivered sometime in the next week, but not with the expectation that it looks like the image on the right (the real version is more like the Panda-White HP Veer). If HP had announced this model a few weeks ago, it might have actually seen some daylight in the real world. As it is, we're gonna make a safe bet that the only people who buy this device also don't know anything about HP's very bad way of handling things lately. 

There you have it, people; the White 64GB HP TouchPad. Enjoy.