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Sure, even though HP hasn't officially announced that the TouchPad would come with a 3G radio, we all knew it is coming - if our massive Topaz leak didn't convince you, the Vietnam spy-shot of the SIM-tray should have.

Well here's one more piece of evidence: the TouchPad that HP is demoing at webOS CONNECT in London is sporting a wireless carrier - Vodafone UK. If you've read our posts in the past hour, you know that PreCentral reader Adam sent in this photo and you also know that, like us, you owe him thanks for the tidbit. We suppose you shouid also give thanks to HP, who kindly decided to use this unannounced version of the TouchPad to show developers what's coming.

Update: reader Bradley writes in that even HP's own developer portal page for the TouchPad lists that there will be "Built-in A-GPS on 3G models." Palm's own spec page says the same as did the original press release. Let's just call the 3G model announced, between us kids.