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In our forums, there are always a lot of fun conversations going on. A recent one created by antexity is bound to be one of those fun conversations, as users try to outwit and outdo each other by listing 1001 cool ways to use an HP TouchPad. With plenty of naysayers in the world telling tablet owners that these types of devices aren't worth the money,our PreCentral TouchPad owners are here to prove a point. So far, they're doing great! It's only been going for a few days, and they haven't made a very long list yet, but maybe you can help.

Head to our community forums to add your voice to the thread as our users list activities like:

  • Playing Plants vs Zombies in the advanced web browser
  • Getting your guitar tabs for new songs you want to conquer
  • Keeping kids occupied with a coloring book
  • Torrenting on the go¬†
  • Using it as a Flashlight
  • Taking over the entire galaxy, one planet at a time in Galcon Fusion
  • Watching TED presentations¬†
  • Listing 1001 ways to get rid of one certain purple dinosaur....
  • Decrease phone data usage
  • Waste time
  • Watch Live sports on Veedle
  • Checking recipes in the kitchen
  • Bathroom reading
  • Posting on the PreCentral Forums
  • Plus nearly 1000 more to go!
We'd like to see some really fun and crazy stories added to this list, and we know that some of you guys have a pretty good sense of humor, too. Hit the link in the source below to see what the community is talking about, and let's make our list of 1001 cool ways to use an HP TouchPad!