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HP to issue root certificate fix, ensure continued access to webOS cloud service

If you've been watching the webOS Nation Forums or the webOS community on Twitter, you may have seen the troubling reports that a vital "root certificate" on webOS devices is due to expire on July 23, 2013. This certificate is responsible for ensuring secure access to HP's webOS cloud services, including backup and the App Catalog, and once it expires, there's no accessing those services. It's a problem, a ticking time bomb, if you will.

We've been wondering if or when HP was going to fix the issue, and indeed had heard rumblings that a fix was in the works and due - wait for it - in the coming weeks. Today we got word from HP that the fix is indeed coming. In fact, it's due today, and it's coming in the form of an update to the the webOS App Catalog.

Updating one app to update a part of webOS isn't something new to HP. Back in 2011 they issued an update to the Maps app on webOS smartphones, that in addition to switching the mapping service from Google Maps to Bing Maps also installed Enyo framework support on the device. Granted, this isn't as much of a stealth update - the sole purpose of this update to the App Catalog is to install a new, later-expiring root certificate.

The App Catalog update is for webOS 2.1 and higher devices only. For those running older versions of webOS, you'll have to go into the App Catalog and manually download the HP App Catalog Update app.
Seeing as the update is to replace the certificate that expires on July 23, you'll need to do this before July 23. If you don't, it's still possible, but you're going to have to trick the system by setting your device clock back to before July 23, 2013 and then downloading the update.

Once you've updated with the new certificate things should continue to work for quite some time. In fact, we'd expect a shutdown from HP's webOS servers before the new certificates expire. So you should be prepared for that too.


Can't help but wonder what happens if you doctor your device after 7-23-2013, or try to activate a device that's been offline for awhile.

Just search the forums for instructions on how to bypass the activation. Then set the date back and download the update.

yes, I know there are work-arounds for the experienced user; I was wondering more what happens to the non-savvy user in that situation. hopefully as the other commenter said, first-use can still work and then get the update during the app download phase.

According to the app description you go here...


Nothing there yet, so we shall see

Word is First Use will be allowed and then it generates an auto update....

I believe the Verge article on this (or somewhere) mentions that they'll be disabling the certification checks for the First Use app. To then get the fix, you have to roll back the clock on the phone to gain access to the Catalog and download it.

Well, they at least they got webOS a birthday present ...


HP always does the bare minimum.

HP is a piece of trash. Its like they had just signed Michael Jordan (purchased webOS), let him play a few games (released the touchpad), but then put him on the bench and didn't let him workout & train (upgrade) to get better, then got out of shape (outdated), so they traded him (sold to LG). I hate you HP.

They could have had a real Michael Jordan on their hands (a winning operating system that would of went down in history to kick everyone's butts.

Thx to all the community for posting, twittering and mailing about that issue, specially GMMan bringing this up serveral times so HP finally is adressing it.

Anybody has it already?


unexpected but needed and very handy.

did i mention enexpected?

this and opensourcing webOS, 2 singular things HP have done after the apothaclypse that didnt make me inner-rage.

Not yet, although they may have meant a different today. I hope this one's a sprint instead of a marathon.


I for one am relieved. Hopefully this will solve a potential problem for PIC's ACL.

Happy webOS day indeed!

I haven't seen an update yet, but having almost killed webOS, I thank HP for at least doing the decent thing by open-sourcing & issuing this fix that we may keep the dream alive.

Today I also saw a suggestion that Open webOS can now dial from the command line (no dialled app yet). If correct, then it's now a proper mobile phone OS!

Good news, but how can I get the HP catalogue update app? I have a palm pre with webOs 1.4 and can't update from the Palm catalogue, can't acces de Help files, can't get the kernell library in (precentral or webos nation, can't access linkedin, have problems with the facebook app for webOs and can' find information or support for solving these issues. Can somebody help me? Or can tell me where can I find information for solving these aspects? I'll appreciate your comments.

Unfortunately, your webOS version isn't supported for this update.

"For those running older [< 2.1] versions of webOS, you'll have to go into the App Catalog and manually download the HP App Catalog Update app."

Dang! I'm getting those "Unable to download updates" messages again on my TP, and I forgot how I fixed it before. I'd like to fix this before this vital update is released. Can someone help me out?


If you get an answer, could you post it here?

I'm running webOS 1.4.5 on an original Palm Pre, so I knew I had to go into "App Catalog" and manually download "App Catalog Update" and run it ... and that seems to have workd.

But when I try to automatically download updates, I get an error message saying "The action could not be completed. Try again later."

Palm Pixi @ 1.45 when I go to the updates in the app catalog all it says is to try again later, but I can still download apps? Anyone else with a pixi still?

Have you tried manually downloading the app catalog update from the store? My Pixi bit the dust a 3 weeks ago, but I replaced it with a Pre and they are virtually identical. On the Pre I had to manually download the update from the store.

Just bought a new Pre 3 as a back up for when if my daily driver Pre 3 dies. I've not activated it because, as you know, doing so would wipe my daily driver.

Does this update mean that I have to fire up the new phone and install it before July 23rd?

Smarter people in this community know much more than I do but couldn't you just put your existing pre3 in airplane mode or Power it down (effectively taking it off the grid), then fire up the backup pre3, run the initialization, put the backup pre3 in airplane mode and/or power it down, then switch phones back with your carrier and power up the original pre3.

I have not tried that, just wondering if anyone knows if that would help.

No. They're disabling certification check for the First Use app. You can set up your profile, roll back the date to before the expiration, then you'll be able to get the update and go back to business as usual.

To celebrate webOS birthday, the new version of App catalog just arrived on my Pre3 and TP! Still waiting for the update on my Veer though. Right now it doesn't even let me open the App Catalog, so probably its being updated at the moment!

Arrived on my Touchpad and Pre2 about 10 minutes ago. Browse catalog fine....haven't tried to install anything.

Just updated my TouchPad and Pre³--all's well.

It's there now for WebOS 1.4.5....

Just got the update notification here. Thanks for the word on this, Derek. Glad to see webOS back in the feed, and happy for HP's commitment to the OS.

@TReo: For backup devices to be used in future you should be able to create a new Palm Profile now, so you get your update on the new phone and don't wipe profile on old one. If time time comes you can delete the new profile on backup device and login with old one.

installed ok on my touchpad and pre3, pre3 did get failed download but after reboot it was installed.


Thank you...this worked for me, too! :)

I guess I should reboot out of Android long enough to get the update before the deadline ;)...

CM9/CM10 are more stable than WebOS these days on the TouchPad. I'm probably the odd man out here and am gonna get shouted down though, as I'm preaching to unconverted!

Yes you are the odd man out. I use both CM10 and webOS everyday. I'm in a slow Internet area (Afghanistan). CM10 is usable, but not on this network. It is definitely not as stable as webOS. I can't even find a browser with decent Flash support. Flash videos get distorted and crash the system. Inexcusable in my book considered that Android has had more Flash updates than webOS had before Adobe killed support, and Flash in webOS' outdated browser is more stable than on ANY Android browser. The only thing I use Android for now is to listen to music since PowerAMP sounds better than any of the webOS music apps through my headphones(PowerAMP's equalizer works over Bluetooth, webOS' homebrew equalizer doesn't) and to play games that are not availabble on webOS. I can't browse the web with CM10 (slow connection, unstable Flash) so it is on the bench for everything else until I get back to the States. CM10 more stable than webOS on TouchPad? Best joke I heard all day! I am waiting impatiently for ACL so I can save some space on my hard drive (ie, remove CM10).

Dear WebOS community, HELP!!!!

My Email has stopped working on my UK Pre3, since 4.30am this morning (Greenwich Mean Time).

Can't seem to send or receive emails since then.

Is it do with the Email Mega Mix patch I downloaded (and since removed) or the latest HP Update (today) that I downloaded or is it because of something else?

Anybody else have this problem?

Any ideas on how to fix?


Great, after updating I'm now looking at an empty background image in App Catalog...

I would to say thanks Derek for keeping us in the loop and thanks HP for stepping up with the update which I received today and installed as expected.

Palm Pixi Plus (1.4.5), App catalog Update:

Download failed

Does anyone know what to do?

Haha, date and time incorrect! Had not used the device for a while!

Just got updates for the HP App catalog
Veer got 2.1.1 (it worked with the 2.2.4 image)
Touchpad 5.0.35
Haven't tried Pre3 yet

Just updated my Veer (got the update notification) and my dad's Pixi Plus (manually)


I tried to boot up my Frankenpre 2 that has the radios disabled patch and wifi is on. My app catalog wont update any apps, they all fail. Now that I am at work (the pre 2 is at home)...I think the clocks time was off...would this affect that?

I tried searching, but not sure if an unactivated device w/ radios off and wifi on even still lets you access the catalog anymore? I tried signing in the profile with impostah activation section and it said it signed in ok...

My Pre 2 did not update correctly so I had to go to the app catalog and download the app called "App Catalog Update".

No update on my Pre3 yet...

My 2 Touchpads, 2 Frankenpre's, and Pre 3 all updated!!! Good to see some WebOS people out there!!!

Hi just updated pre3 and Touchpad in UK, good to see that we can continue to use webOS
cloud services, did not want to give up using webOS yet, thanks to webOS Nations for
update news, try to visit every day for news etc.

Hey, do I need to uninstall all of my patches before installing this update?

Hey, do I need to uninstall all of my patches before installing this update?

I didn't uninstall any patches and it worked for me (on phone and TouchPad).

I tried to update the App Catalog on my TP and received the message that I didn't have enough space so it failed. I rebooted and tried to download the update and now it's saying Unable to resolve Host. That also occurs when I try to open the App Catalog. Any thoughts?

@JJCOOK perhaps your /var partition is full, search in forum for downloadhistory.db

Too bad this didn't come as a system update. It would have made me very happy to see the notification. Is the reason it is an App catalog update because a system update would come from LG?

I think its because by updating it via a App Catalog app update, they don't need to wait for phone carrier causing delays with reviewing/modifying prior to sending to you.

I meta-doctored my pre plus with webOs 2.0.1, and I can't find the update on the catalog. Tried sending the link to my mail, but it says it wasn't a valid Hp webOs App :(

Got updates on Pre 2,Pre 3 and Touchpad automatically.Pre plus running 1.4 had to be downloaded manually from HP catalogue. SET Correct date on device first, or it will fail. Found update in HP Apps catalogue Latest apps section. No problems

Message I get when I try to update HP App Catalog on my HP TouchPad "Not enough storage to Download You must clear space on your drive before you can download" . I have a 32g model and in device info it says 32 GB available 19.7 GB. Now I cannot get into the app catalog at all. Rebooted with the same results.

Search the forums for the error. Lots of explanation and information on it.

Don't think its been mentioned but the name of the update in the catalog is "App Catalog Update".

Edited to say that installtion failed on my Touchpad with UK App Catalog access but works fine on my Pr3. TP on same webos account as the Pr3. Did some reboots, installed the latest App Catalog that I had flicked away before and after that the update installed fine on the TP as well.

Thanks for the heads up! Worked fine with the wife's pre+.

can somebody post the link or technique to cleanup the files for the not enough disc space issue,

where do we get the tools from since downloads are failing
why can't the files be reached in usb mode
that would make the most sense

@gene bradley
Here's a link for you http://www.webosnation.com/fix-not-enough-storage-download-error-homebrew

Hello Hellonnnewman, that was perfect, never installed preware, looks like I should have years ago, thanks for your help


Derek, any news on what LG is planning to do with WebOs?

install worked on my pre 3 just fine. when i tried to install on my tablet, it failed. not sure why, either. anyone have any idea?

Thanks for the article, BTW.

stupid HP

That was really easy on 1.4.5. Go to new and it is around the 3rd on the list. You can also search app catalog update and it shows up. On my Pixi it was a fast download.

My Pre3 updated automatically. It's been off for a couple of months sitting in the nightstand drawer.. I powered it up and let it connect to the wifi and the file "App Catalog Update" was available. On the other hand my Touchpad which has been off and without power for about a month hasn't received an update notice yet. I charged it last night and put it online. The only update available when I checked was for a solitaire game.

Download failed for my Pre3. But after a restart it worked.

Installed on my Pixi Plus. The only webOS device I own... (sad)

I have a touchpad how can I tell if the certificate was updated?

The installation of the update on my HP Touchpad failed. Does anybody have a similar problem or even a solution?

Would be great!!

I am trying to do the webos catalog update on my HP touch tablet. But it keeps coming back "failed". Anyone have any idea as to what might be the issue and help?

I have a Touchpad with WebOS 3.0.5 installed and I get exactly the same problem. Try to install but just get a message "Install Failed". Tried restarting the Touchpad, same result. Never did get a notification this update needed to be installed, either, just found that others received such a notification so I went looking for the update in the App Catalog.

What is going on here?

Wednesday 10 July; Just tried again - didn't do anything differently, but this time it installed successfully, and when I launched the installed app, gave me a message saying it had been successful. So if you fail the first time, keep trying until you have success.

Wife and I each own Palm Pixie Plus running WebOS 1.4.5 which we like and use almost exclusively for light cellphone usage (Verizon via Kitty Wireless @ $80/yr for 2000 minuts/yr) plus light texting use. Just got e-mail regarding this WebOS update deadline. We do not use any cloud services that I know of. Is this root certification fix an issue that I can safely ignore?

Need help in how to update the certificate. I get a message "try later" even more, I´m getting a message of new update for my webOs 1.4.0 and after downloading it, the next step (validation) can´t be completed so a new message says "wait for one day and we will try to update your phone", after that, a new screen says your phone is update your webos 1.4.0.
Please I need help for the new certificate,so I´d like to know if I have to delete the software I installed from precentral in order to update my phone or what can I do? I can´t access the HP catalog. I still have the Palm catalog and can´t update some apps because I get a message "try later". Tanks for your help.

Since yesterday my Pre3 can´t navigate from the browser, and can´t retrieve data in mail client.
Can install anything on Prewere, and navigate with 72ka´s wInNeR, and AccuWeather run good.
Any idea of this issue is about this certificate ?. I install the fix when this post is appears.

Due to return back the system date and reinstall the hp´s patch to certificate.
After that, everything works as it should, to the cpu frecuency. Yep, it was stuck at 1.4 ghz devouring battery since 23/7.
I hate you HP.

Haven't used my TouchPad in months, and fired it up today. Oops, it's after July 23rd! I followed the directions to load the App Catalog Update (turned back the clock) and it keeps indicating FAILED. Any other suggestions would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks to all!

Did a full erase. The app catalog update would not work. Then while working on something else, I rechecked and it had installed. Back in business!

I forgot this update catalog issue had occurred. I had to move from my pre- to pre2 when I lost it traveling. I kept thinking all the issues I had with it was due to my carrier. It won't take the new update. get failure all the time even when I changed my time zone stuff. HELP.

Hello I purchased a new Palm Pre 2 for Verizon today 08/22/2014 and I wanted to know what I should do first activate it on Verizon or should I do the root certificate thing first because I know that it expired and we can trick the system by changing the date. I don't want to activate it on Verizon just yet.
Thanks for any help.


Hi Ireland Rose,

I'd suggest looking in our forums for 'bypass activation' if you don't want to activate it on Verizon just yet. Then you can install the root certificate. (No one really reads up here much anymore)

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