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The Great webOS Nation Giveaway: Who won a Verizon Pre3?

Maybe it took us a while to get this one judged. But we got it done! There were a lot of really really great entries for our 60 seconds for a Verizon HP Pre3 contest, which made judging who deserved to win one of these rare brand-new webOS smartphones more difficult than we'd anticipated. After sleeping on it for a while, it's time to announce the winners! You can check out the winning video entries after the break…

Jade Durham: Pre3s rock!

nawadley: Pre3 Fly

Noremacam: I Dreamed of a Phone

thespecialedshow: I'd like to take a minute...

hanksimon: I deserve a connected life

Congratulations to all of the winners and our thanks to everybody who entered. We wish everybody could win, but with only five Verizon HP Pre3 smartphones to give out, only five could win. In addition, the first three on this list - Jade Durham, nawadley, and Noremacam - will be winning a Touchstone charger and car charger to go with their fancy new webOS smartphone. Winners, keep an eye on your email, we'll be in contact.



Congrats to the winners . . . *sniffles*. But seriously, those were some pretty good videos, congrats :D

Pretty awesome! I liked the two song videos the best. Decent talent.

sorry but I fail to see how these were the winners, they had talent and showmanship but how was their reason for needing a pre 3 more deserving than me... Gosh thanks WebOSNation.

I can sympathize. I know when the contest wanted a video, they wanted more than people talking to their webcams. They wanted something "showy" that was interesting to look at(or else why do a video contest?). I took a gamble singing as opposed to a direct explanation because I felt it met the need of being entertaining.

The judge could have rejected my video for a number of reasons, one being it's not a careful articulation of why I deserve that phone(although it's is 100% truth that HP killed the phone I dreamed). Two, the judge could find that my parodying a timeless classic of a broken woman's suffering to be disrespectful to the original song.

Ultimately we all took chances making videos and submitted ourselves to the biases and nuances of what the judges were look for, which we did not know a priori. I sang because I figured it would be a major thumbs up, or a major thumbs down - but I knew it would not be lost in the middle. This time that gamble paid off, and I won. Depending on what the judges were looking for, it could've just as easily went the other way - but none of us truly know what they were looking for before hand.

....and that girl will just play games on it,,, she is too young to need a phone.

want some cheese to go with that whine?

Never misses..... no matter what, there will always be those who whine and complain about not winning. "Mine was better" or "Who does the judging? Are they blind? Mine was so much better!" Or some variant of that. Instead of being thankful for having the 'chance' to win, they feel 'entitled' to win. No one is ever happy after a contest if they aren't chosen.

Wow!!! That is crazy awesome!! You dont even know how awesome it is, its a God thing! Listen to this, my wife also has a Pre 2...well about 2 months ago she dropped it and shattered the screen, so we ordered a new one off of ebay, I wanted a pre 3 but it was just too expensive so I ordered her another 2. Well this weekend her phone just went crazy and stopped being able to send or receive calls or texts. It gets full service but for some reason just won't work so I doctored it...but no luck :-( can't even get it to sign into her profile so its completely useless. We were planning to order another one tomorrow!! What a blessing, thats just crazy!

I'm so excited to win. I'm already working on a followup video with the entire song!

It is extremely true that HP has killed the phone I dreamed. I'm honored to have this rare piece of Palm's legacy.

Congrats! And I look forward towards that video :D

I for one, can't wait to see your followup :-)


oh man these are great! Brought a smile to my face...congrats to all!

As much as I wish I could win, I have to admin these are better entries than mine. Congrat to all the winners and enjoy your pre3.

my video did not win, but it all worked out as my wife felt sorry for me and bought me a Verizon Pre 3 from Amazon!
btw, it activated easily from their website. :-)

It's nice to see people are still keeping webOS alive.

We're trying! ;)

That's great to hear!

You can check out the winning video entries after the breakā€¦E-Factor Diet Review

It sounds hippy-dippy and goofy.. deposit m88